Hello, I'm Steph!


I've been following my photography passion for as long as I can remember, but making a living at it professionally since 2005.


Story telling is my style.

Each person, couple, family, child & business venture has a story. And I want to dive in head first & bring the joy of every heart to life in my images.

For me picking just 1 favorite photo is extremely hard! Wether it's our family goofing around photos from my phone, or our professional family portraits! I'm the type of person who wants to cover it all & enjoy those images over & over again. I always shoot every experience as I would want it covered myself, so prepare to get spoiled with images! 


Now for me to share my personal story, since I will want yours also if we meet! 

The first 8 years in business were dedicated to building up my clients around Des Moines, Iowa. And after falling in love with a cutie forester / business owner we got hitched at Dogwood Canyon in 2013!  Close to where my now husband & I had a vacation lake home & favorite place in the world! We spent the next 8 years making plans to move both of our businesses south permanently! As 2 busy self employed people starting a family & also running a hobby farm, it took us a while... but by the end of 2019 we finally made it!     Woo hoo!!! 

***If you can't tell by all the !!!'s we are pretty excited about this***

With 2 beautiful daughters, 2 dogs, 2 ponies, 2 donkeys & a half dozen chickens, our funny family is proud to be Lake Loving Southern Missourians!


If you have made it this far, Thank You!

Now what are you waiting for! Give me a call & lets go have us a photography adventure!